Divine Diana Makeover Studio | About Us
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About Us

All About Divine Diana Makeover Studio

We believe you are our inspiration! And this is replicated when we work on to make you look beautiful.

Just like everything beautiful, the story of Divine Diana Makeover Studio started with a passion. Our founder Megha Bhatt who always loved make-up and beauty became known for her impeccable and unique style in her friend circle in Udaipur, until one day her friends urged that she must convert her talent into a profession. Megha fell in love with the idea and she has never looked back. Her commitment to becoming the best freelance makeup artist in Udaipur has been awarded with happy customers lauding her for giving them exactly what they wanted- the best makeover service in India.


Divine Diana Makeover Studio is her brainchild as she recognized that to give the best makeover services she must train and develop a team of talented individuals who are passionate, committed and in love with their work.


Over time we have become a team of excellent bridal makeover artists, excelling in Indian makeover and bridal services. Our story started with one woman setting out to become a freelance makeup artist in Udaipur, and has now grown to offer all over services for parties, photo shoots, fashion portfolios, advertisement shoots and much more recognizing the needs of powerful women of different walks of life, making us one of the best makeover artists in India.


Our motto is to listen to our customers’ needs and respond to your vision, because we want each one of you to feel beautiful and radiant in your own skin. Our team is young and creative, always ready to go the extra mile to deliver the best service. We have exposed ourselves to all kinds of experiences- we have worked with different photographers, event organizers and wedding planners.


Megha has worked with celebrity make-up artists; our team is the complete package of the best make-up artists that you are looking for.


Whether it is a beautiful wedding at your home, a grand party, or a destination wedding, if you require our services, we will be happy to be there. Over a short span of time we have established ourselves as one of the best make-up service providers in Udaipur, because of which our work has expanded to Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Ahmedabad and Kumbhalgarh.


We promise that we deliver the best makeover services, and our existing customers are here to show for that.

Why Choose us ?

Best Makeover Solution

We provide the best Bridal makeover solution as well as make up and styling for parties, other events, ad shoots and portfolio preparation all over India.

Use of World Class Products

We use Excellent products from brands like Krylon ,MAC, Chanel, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Inglot, Givenchy, Guerlain, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Dior, Air Brush etc.

Experienced Team

Make up and styling by professionally trained make over artist trained from the best of Indian make up industry in Mumbai.

Our Work Expertise

We have been a part of many destination weddings all over India.We have a team of artists both from Mumbai and Udaipur who have been professionally trained by the celebrity artists from Mumbai.


Product Brands we use