Divine Diana Makeover Studio | Makeover Services in Ahmedabad
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Makeover Services in Ahmedabad

When women work on their looks, amazing things happen.

With our expert team of professionals and a wide portfolio of services, Divine Diana Makeover Studio strives to bring out the beautiful women in you.


We give you the chance to enjoy the beauty services at the convenience of your place. We perform professional beauty treatments, hair styling and pampering which will leave you not only looking amazing but feeling it too.


We provide a professional, affordable, enjoyable & reliable service to all our clients. We also offer full bridal makeup packages for you and your guests.

Bridal Makeup

At Divine Diana Makeover Studio we will help you achieve that perfect look you’re aspiring for on your big day. We have a team of a professional makeup artist from Bombay for bridal makeup who give their complete expertise and provide complete wellness a bride can possibly ask for. We offer complete bridal packages as well as customized bridal makeup services in Udaipur and pan Indai to give you a mesmerizing look for your most special day.


Our professional bridal makeup artists and hairstylists from Udaipur give you a complete glamorous experience to match perfectly with your outfit and the entire occasion. Our Bridal Makeup Package includes makeup, hairstyle & saree/lehenga draping.

Guest Makeup

Wedding guests are as much important as the wedding. As a result, every guest has to be provided the most attractive as well as excellent makeup. Divine Diana’s guest makeup service is for the guests and the rest of your family members. We have a team of professional makeup artist both from Bombay as well as Udaipur for the guests’ makeups in the wedding events with the best packages.


Choose the most exceptional way to get a gorgeous makeup for the guest on your wedding. This is also perfect for yourself when you need a light and natural makeup for a small roka ceremony or even for your Mehendi day function. Our Guest Makeup Package includes makeup, hairstyle & saree/lehenga draping.




Party Makeup

A party makeup has to be durable. One cannot afford to fade or smudging makeup during the peak of your party. Divine Diana Makeover Studio gets all your must-have party makeup looks covered.


We are expert in giving a unique style and makeover for all functions including wedding, engagement, cocktail or party makeup, theme party (the 60s and 70s look) makeup etc. Our Party Makeup Service Package includes makeup, hairstyle & saree/lehenga draping.

Portfolio Makeup

We have professional and experienced makeup artists in Udaipur for portfolio makeup who accentuate the features to get the best portfolio pictures.


Our skilled team of portfolio makeup artists is competent enough for a wide variety of makeup looks, including Indian, western, traditional, bridal and much more. We give the best looks for any portfolio theme by giving a beautiful natural look.


Ad Shoot Makeup

One of the leading ad shoot makeup service providers in Udaipur, we offer the best quality makeup services for ad shoots and ad films for Udaipur and pan India. We offer special effects makeup for the models as per the shooting requirement.


With our team of specialized makeup artists for ad shoots, we have worked for many ad shoot films in Rajasthan and other states including Mumbai.

Mehendi Art

Mehendi is an important part of the ritualistic art of adornment and is considered a must for all ceremonial occasions. It adds a charm to the entire makeup look. Divine Diana Makeover Studio provides the best Mehendi artists in Rajasthan for brides, grooms, and others for any occasion and function.